This Policy documents the guidelines for membership credit.



A completed medical form must be submitted and reviewed by the KTA Board of Directors. The KTA will adjudicate rebates for time missed due to an injury.


Guidelines for refund vs credit:

· A credit will only be considered if a member is unable to play due to an injury or illness for a minimum of a month or longer.

· The completed form must be signed by a medical professional including Physiotherapists and Chiropractors.

· Temporary – a pro-rated amount may be credited to the members account towards their next membership purchased (either yearly or seasonal).

· Permanent – the Board may request a doctor’s medical report indicating the member is unable to play tennis again. A full or partial refund may be granted.

· Extenuating circumstances may prevail for a member resulting in a credit or refund. These circumstances are not black and white. The Board will review individual cases and adjudicate as deemed appropriate.  Confidentiality may be appropriate.



Refunding fees will be considered an exception not the rule. All decisions to refund a membership must go through the Board. Refunds will not be granted if a member arbitrarily decides to quit playing during mid-season.



Pro-rating a yearly membership will be at the sole discretion of the Board.  Yearly memberships are purchased during the month of October.  It is the expectation that returning yearly members purchase their membership during the month of October.  A yearly membership extends from October to October. 

A new member arriving mid-season, may apply for a pro-rated membership.  The Board will review and approve the pro-rated amount.








Sample Only

Kamloops Tennis Association

Submit to KTA Board of Directors for adjudication


Date submitted to KTC office: __________________________


Member Name: _____________________________________________________________


Member Address: ____________________________________________________________


Member Phone: ________________________


Medical Professional Name: ___________________________ Phone number: _________________


Date of Injury / Illness: __________________________


Description of injury / illness:




Medical Professional Signature: _______________________________________


What type of tennis membership were you playing under at time of Injury / illness?

                                                                                              (Circle) INDOOR / OUTDOOR   

                                                                           (Circle) SEASONAL /   MONTHLY / YEARLY                                                        (Circle) Adult  /  Student  / Junior                       

Date of last membership fees paid:          ____________________________ 


Anticipated date of return to tennis play:  ____________________________


Reason and request for completing this medical form?





_____________________________________                      ____________________________

Members Signature                                                                Date 


____________________________________                          ____________________________

 Authorized by:  KTA Director                                               Date