This Policy documents the limitations of general players and members in providing coaching services at the Kamloops Tennis Centre. Whereas the Kamloops Tennis Centre has contracted a Tennis Professional to provide ‘Coaching Services’, it is understood that the Tennis Professional’s major income is through fees paid for coaching services or those of a coaching staff.



  1. No KTC member (other than the Club Professional or Coaching Staff) shall use the KTC facilities for coaching regardless of receiving monetary consideration or not.
  2. “Coaching” shall be defined as any of the following:

v It is an obvious coaching situation where one player is continually instructing and the other is the recipient

v Giving instructions to other while they are using the ball machine (and Balls)

  1. Exceptions: the following coaching situations using the KTC are acceptable to the KTC and Tennis Pro:

v Tennis ‘tips’ from one player to another during a game or warm-up

v A parent (or related adult) working with a maximum of 2 related children

v An adult coach or coaches working with any High School tennis team

  1. Consequences:

v If it is apparent that a member is “coaching”, the member and any participant will be approached by a Board of Director and asked to desist

v If said member does not desist or is seen as providing coaching services a second time. The KTC will revoke the member’s playing privileges for a one month period

v If a member continues to ignore this Policy by continuing to provide coaching services, the KTC Board of Directors shall discuss revoking the member’s membership privileges without compensation for time remaining

The Board of Directors of the KTC acknowledges and values the membership revenue directly contributed to the KTC by the Tennis Professional as a result of the coaching services for juniors and new adult players.  This Policy is intended to help KTC members understand why ‘coaching services’ remains the exclusive right of the Tennis Professional and his/her staff.