This Policy documents the guidelines and rules for league play.



There are three KTC house leagues with three evenings designated for those leagues:

1. Mixed Doubles – Monday evening

2. Ladies Doubles – Wednesday evening

3. Men’s Doubles – Thursday evening


There are three times slots designated for these leagues:

1. 5:30pm*

2. 7:00pm*

3. 8:30pm*

*one court must be left open for members and non-members at each time slot

Number of courts designated for indoor play:

1. 5:30pm – 3 courts

2. 7:00pm – 3 courts

3. 8:30pm – 3 courts

Number of courts designated for outdoor play:

1. 5:30pm – 3 courts*

2. 7:00pm – 3 courts*

3. 8:30pm – 3 courts*

*extra courts may be added

Any changed to the above sanctioned leagues pertaining to day and/or time must be submitted in writing to the KTC Office Manager who will present to the KTC Board of Directors.



The manner in which the league will score is at the discretion of the league organize.  The following items are to be followed by all leagues:.

· Set Scoring: a match consists of best 2 out of 3 sets The 1st and 2nd sets, if necessary will be determined by a 7 point tie-breaker, The 3rd set, if necessary will be a 10-point tie-breaker.

· Ladies League: if court time is up and players are waiting to get on the court, the score is recorded as is and given to the league organizer.

· Records : all league scores sheets must be posted on the Club bulletin board.


Note: when a spare is playing, the league player receives a penalty point. 


The highest total points move up on the completion of the session.

The lowest total points move down after the session



· Players do not to have to be a member to participate in a league. There is an extra charge for guests to play in a league. 

· A guest spare who has not paid to play in a league will not be charged the guest rate unless the guest continues to play as a spare.

· Every attempt must be made to play league games on the scheduled day and time. If unable to play at the scheduled time then a spare, of comparable level of play, should be arranged. If finding a spare is difficult, phone the Club and the Office Manager will assist. The last resort is to change the time of the match.

· There is no age restriction for league players; upper level juniors are encouraged to play leagues.

· Ladies League: 5 minute warm-up



If a league player routinely does not show up for a match, and/or does not arrange a spare, the player will be eliminated from the league. No shows are a let down to the league and players who are committed to playing. Every attempt should be made to get a spare by a player.


League Organizer Responsibilities


· The league organizer(s) is to responsible to attempt to coordinate league start dates with bubble up/down and membership dates 

· The organizer emails league schedules and copy the KTC office the schedule

· The KTC in conjunction with the league organizer will book the league courts times

· The league organizer ensures the results are posted on the Club bulletin board