Lesson 1

Learn how to receive lateral balls at the baseline and recover.
Learn how to setup to receive volleys and overheads at net.
Review full serve motion.

Lesson 2

Learn how to receive higher  balls, deeper balls at the baseline and recover
Review  set up at net.
Full Serve and return recovery.

Lesson 3  
Learn how to receive shorter balls at the baseline and recover.
Practice a serve and return exchange.

Lesson 4  
Learn how to keep the ball in play in singles
Learn how to work as a team to cover the court in doubles.

A player has completed 2.0 and may move to 2.5 when they can:

Consistently rally 6 balls in a row and keep their opponent near the baseline.
Volley 3 balls in a row  while keeping the opponent near the baseline.
Serve 2/5 on both deuce and ad side.